Killed in PVP first time out. Starter Pack?!?!

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  1. Ok, obviously really bad luck being killed by another player on the very first time out in your server. And with that said i won't be surprised if the general response is a kick rocks sorta thing. But still i'd like to know if there is any recourse. I was farming a tree, top down. when another player burned the bottom end killing me instantly. So unlike if a mob killed me for noobness i couldn't go back to retrieve anything. As well the player now has a full bags worth of items i collected. Obviously i don't expect anything for that but i was wondering about how to get my starter package again. If its possible or resetting my start. If not i'll probly just have to wait for you to whipe me for being derelict before try'n the server out again.

    PS:The falling and fire deaths rly should be off for PvE. Look around the spawns in PvP servers, it doesn't look like swiss chz. That is solely for killing other players spleef style.
  2. If someone burns you press f2 rapidly and show the pics to a mod. Also waiting for the derelict policy to end wont get you the starter pack again. It just resets and unclaims your res.
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  3. Ya lol good suggestion, and ty for the info. but the likely hood of me getting that off if so one is jacking me(most likely from below or behind). Looking who was near my body on the web viewer narrowed it down to two people. I wonder if they have the ability to review my actions and correct the problem. All around shame. Unless i pay first i have to deal with spleef killing and being set on fire by grafters. I foresee the server quest moving on. And not having any/getting(idk, no frame of reference) in game support was surprising and made this into more of a thing then it needed to be.
  4. It'd be a shame to lose you due to an initial bad experience with a rule breaker. Generally not a lot can be done without screenshots, but you can see what a mod can do for you if you start a private conversation with one of them. In the meantime, I'd be glad to provide you with a few things that the starter kit provides to get you going again. A few stone tools, bread and saplings, if I recall.
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  5. A bad start..
    I would like to help too :)
    A chest with stuff to begin with is set for you at lot my lot. #4342 SMP2
    And 20r in case you want to vault it to your smp server.
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  6. You reminded me of this person that killed me, I hated him so much I remember his name till today. His name was barryballbag and that dreaded day I vow to wipe emc of rule breakers. I lost about 5k worth of items when he killed me. If you see this person that killed you, get him banned quick!
  7. I feel so lucky I was never killed by anyone in wild yet. I feel as if this is happening way too much these days.
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  8. Well guys i'm currently playing with add-ons(mods) and seeds. Check out Winterfell seed if you like snowy floating mountains with waterfalls = P(hit me about seeds, i've had amazing results). But due to the positive response on this post i think i will give the server another try. Help won't be needed. I was just burned up and was having a /ragequit moment, which i'm sure you all know about. TY again guys.
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  9. Totally understand the ragequit. :D Glad you're gonna give it another go!
  10. I've chased down a few murderers myself, and got a screenshot of one in the Nether. However he was in sneak mode and his username was hidden, so it didn't help. I have requested moderator authorization to shoot people with my epic bow skills, but there were never any mods on at the time. It kind of made me mad.
  11. Same with me with iTron, he got banned, but i lost iron tools and a whole set of mixed armor.SMP6's wild is dangerous, don't go towards land people, Water is an excellent anti-greif, not many grievers will go across an ocean to get the 1 guy who travels out there, land traffic is more crowded
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  12. BTW sorry bout reposting, didn't see this

    Wow, you are lucky, I've seen about 10 people get killed already, and I've been a victim once myself.
  13. I've been once. and another time almost. then the holy ban hammer come help in time XD
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  14. I carry a ban hammer too.... in my fist! I'll be filming the whole event and if I get banned so be it. I will not stand by and get killed in this game as in real life. ;)
  15. Of course, direct PVP is impossible, so you'd have to be setting them on fire or pushing them off a cliff.

    Also, I love how this thread became like a PvP victim's support group.
  16. bhasin if u want i can give u what say a new pick and shovel and stuff..... im on smp2 (4271)stop by when im online!
  17. Just bring a diamond shovel and a bucket of lava to end their spree lol
  18. Or a anti-fire potion, and one harming potion upgraded to the next tier :p I always have this in my inventory whenever I go in an adventure. I never go hostile towards a player unless that player engages on a battle. The thing he doesn't know is that I came prepared with mystical tools, while he has stone age tools which can be countered easily with a water bucket.
  19. To counter a pvp you can only report and take screenshot.
    If you are caught pvp-ing back you will also get ban.
  20. Eh, I rather die with the person that might corrupt the entire Empire. Long live EMC!

    EDIT: Nvm, I'll just take a screenshot :p
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