Killed a Momentus today

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by GTO007, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. I think that is what you call it. Wow! First...yesterday I got sucked in by it and lost all my stuff. So I was out for revenge. It took me about 45 minutes, but I killed him. He dropped like 10 diamonds.
  2. I have killed 8 so far, those guys are problems lol
  3. Yep
    tough to kill
  4. Where do you find them?
  5. They just appear I think in the wilderness. Someone else will have to answer that one.
  6. They spawn in wastelands and wilderness.
  7. Where in the wastelands or the wilderness do they mostly spwn in?
  8. do they always spawn above ground or do they do it underground too? and what do they look like exactly?
  9. they are giant zombies.
  10. I never seen a boss before
  11. technically they can spawn underground, but highly unlikely naturally lol
  12. so far people have found they like to spawn in deserts but i think its just any open area with enough space and natural light they also tend to spawn on the highest point available so in most cases that isnt underground or even inside
  13. Thx for the info
  14. plains and deserts are best
  15. Yea, they are flat. That is why one spawned while I was smelting my iron in the protected wastelands spawn, I turned around and said "hello."
  16. oidking and i took one on, 3 minutes with no enchants on our swords xD
  17. also i think he only summons when he sucks you in (not sure) so i think if you kill the first wave of his and just wail on him he is pretty easy to beat