"Kicked For Idling"

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Are you Getting this issue?

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  1. (Hi im Bren) and i am here to talk about being kicked for idling by the server.
    I am constantly kicked for idling when i am not idling. I am super active and move around and when i stop for 2 mins (Not being sarcastic) I get Kicked for idling is the idling timing 2 mins?? because if it is i think it should be raised I have lost something costing me alot because of this automatic server thingy majig... So I am here to ask "Is anyone here having this same problem while they are still active, and can this issue be fixed for me and others?" Thank you for your time and I look forward to reading your responses :) -Bren
    (I have No idea why)
  2. There is another thread about this too.it is usually after 45 people are on but find the post and jackbiggin posted something about it
  3. ooh ty bro found it :)
  4. Erm I think it's time to get SMP 10 Loz
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  5. Supposedly this has been fixed or at the very least is known about by staff :) It is indeed a bug.
  6. oh ok woo!
  7. I think it will be time fr a new smp when most of the servers have a lot of members online for most of the day and when there are no to little open reses