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  1. Good Day Empire!

    How are ya all doing?
    I've been on the server (SMP7) for a little while now an I must say it's the best server setup I've ever been to. Well-balanced and nice economy freedom, nice wildeness/nether setup.. town 60x60 plots... it's better than those 12x12 we see on most servers!

    Anyway, enough about EmpireMinecraft and a little bit more about me.

    I used to be a lone player looking for a great atmosphere place to enjoy with others. I got my father to join me and we're now neighbour in town XD That's too awesome, anyway...
    I like to build. I also like to explore and make far-away camps underground looting massive undergrounds and making aggressive mob farms. So far so good.
    Now I'm looking into making a shop. Make some rupee with what I do best and spend them on what I ain't that good to get.

    I'm still not confortable with the economy system. I need to learn more where it's at at the moment.

    I just love spending time looking at other's plot and show mine to visitors (15373) come have a look. I kinda like my tower so far.

    So that's it! I really like inputs and contructive ideas for my plot and the way I do my farming. I think I'm not so bad so far, anyway... Please come by, have a chat and soon, we'll be friends!

    See ya Empire!
  2. Oh yeah! I forgot: I had some fun with Jungle sapplings.. I kinda got carried away and planted them 2x2, maybe 10 of them one on each other making a very fun jumping platform *Thanks Town Immortality!!*
    The top is at Z=209 so far. I want to reach the very top soon! maybe tonight I will finish it up eheh
  3. You know what I like about this server above all?

    I've been playing in my little North West corner of SMP7's town and all of a sudden Somebody shows up and look my plot and say "Hi! Keep the good work buddy! You'll have a nice place to call home soon."

    I was touched that a stranger came and say hi without prompting.

    Then others eventually showed up and I gave them all some melon slices and pumpkins and some reeds from my farm, nothing too fancy, just being nice you know. One of them came back and gave me 4 stacks of bones to help me with my farm, Just like that! He never came back to ask anything. What a nice guy. I said thanks alot for the gift and not 2 minutes after somebody else sent me a private message and told me to come to his place, that he had more bones to give away. Just like that too!

    I was like "Oooh my.. they try to make me feel bad and are going to ask me something in return!" but no, it was all because everybody's nice with everybody! (most of them anyway)

    Since, I started going around and talk more, helping new comers, giving away or selling real cheap to help them as I got helped. It felt awesome.

    I glad I'm with Empire Minecraft. I like the respect, even from the younth. We don't see that often on other servers.