KG Filming Company presents: A new Minecraft Movie

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by mayorprofessor, May 25, 2013.

  1. Hi. I have started to write a script for a minecraft movie. It will be a full length move, meaning about 2 hours or more. When I finish writing the script, about the middle of June, I will start auditions for people who want to act in the movie. Filming, if all goes well and casting is finished on time or early, will begin about July 15, the day after Bastille Day. Work on the movie will not be able to be finished by the end of summer, I predict, so it will continue on into the fall. However, by that time, hopefully all the main filming will be done and all I would need to do is to do editing or have someone else edit. When I finish writing the script, I will start a new thread. Until then, post what you think of this idea in this thread.
  2. It seems nice :)
  3. Sounds Good
  4. I'd like to help and participate in this endeavor.
  5. Id be happy to have you help. Im working on the script still, and it won't be finished until the middle of June at the latest.