kevins lottery and shops

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  1. hi my lottery and shops just opend there not done yet but you can still do the stuff make shure to buy buy buy ask me how the lottery works ingame and i will tell you and check out dudelols res for a nother lotto
  2. Sounds cool!
  3. I think you have to clarify the odds and such on signs in-game according to the rules.
  4. and now right now were doing a ingame thign were if you come now you get a free ticket for the 100r and the 150r draw
  5. and if you doanate you will get vip mebership at my res like a disscount on lotto tickets (only pay 15r) and get acces to not done projects and access to free items and the second floor of my bar (must pay 5r or more to get vip)
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