Kerbal Space Program

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Will THIS poll ever produce any worth-while results?

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  1. ...I'm doing it right.

    On my fourth voyage from the boring planet of Kerbin (in an attempt to land on the moon) I overshot my destination and began hurtling guide-less through deep space. Little did I know that I had built my craft so well that it would eventually begin orbiting the sun on the same flight path as the planets Periapsis and Apoapsis. I do not know if my beloved Kerbals will ever return to their home planet, but I do know that if their craft ever does make it home, it may well destroy the planet due to the massive amount of velocity it has obtained. As of writing this document, my Kerbals have been in orbit for 119 days. This number is increasing very quickly.

    You can download the game here, it is free for all who wish to play.
  2. Well that poll was.....well......Interesting? xP
  3. That was the point.. :p
    Anyway, play the game.
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  4. I have already downloaded it and its well....FUN LIKE the poll.
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  5. well that was interesting:confused:
  6. Did you play the game? :p
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  7. Yep odd game
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  8. I don't think odd is right more like Crazy1080-Crazy1800
  9. They haven't returned home for over three years.
  10. *rimshot*
  11. Oh dear god