Keep getting DC'd with this message after.

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  1. So yeah, keep getting DC'd with this as the message after I do. Happens on all Servers and most websites wont load things as this is happening, too. This is happening only on my computer, Phones and etc aren't effected. I believe this is something with my wifi, as it's wonky here yet when I went somewhere else and used a different Network, I was completely fine. I had a similar issue back in Late June, but it had seemingly fixed itself within a few days. However, that does not seem to be the case here. This has been happening since Friday, Can anyone help?
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  2. Maybe it's your java that's not working.
  3. Used to happen to me a lot. But then I got a new router and that fixed the issue.
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  4. Well then, the problem seems to have worsened. Can only stay on for maybe 2-3 minutes at most now

    EDIT: Those might've been isolated incidents, the time seems to fluctuate a bit between 1-2 minutes and around 5 ish
  5. Oh, wow.
  6. I don't really know how you can get double-chested off the server, :p

    I think that means you just lost connection; sometimes that happens to me. :)
  7. The problem is, this keeps happening every few minutes, not just once or twice a week :p
  8. Seems the ping keeps going up until I get disconnected, if that's any help toward what the problem is
  9. Have you tried restarting your modem and router?
  10. Tried that, didn't help
  11. I've had a similar incident like this happen before. Have you tried restarting your router?

  12. Now by restarting did you just power them down, or completely unplug them?
  13. Unplugged em, waited, plugged back in
  14. I get Disconnected a lot. But not by a message like that, Mine says something about my packets being to low
  15. did you try using a different minecraft version?
  16. Try uninstalling Minecraft completely- (make sure you backup the saves folder/ Resource pack folder if want)?
  17. I had this kind of issue. My ISP made "upgrades" a few months back and something they did broke compatibility with my wall router. I called them and they confirmed, then they issued a new one and problem solved.

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  18. I was getting this error alot. I have my alts game windows all in 1 PC. Normally I have 4 game sessions open at once without any error messages. When I have a 5th is when I see this. No idea why though. I thought maybe EMC does allow alot of connections from same IP or something.

    This is with no resource packs on and it's not over wifi.
  19. Definitely seems like router, Un and reinstalled MC, still doing this
  20. also just try updating your wifi/broadband card driver, this worked for me when i was getting that error.