KCK Specialty Shops and Stuff

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  1. My friends and I have made a couple of specialty stuff, that you can buy or rent. We call it KCK because of our names:KittieRose, crafty_ginger, and kfam1999a. We have a bookstore and a party room so far. You can rent the party room and buy books. More info on the party room at 11067 on smp5. The bookstore is in need of books though. Please donate any books you have written or sell them to us. Message me or crafty_ginger if you want to sell your book. There are multiple prices that we have, but it is a little confusing. We need to read the book before we decide on the price. We'll get back to you and hopefully have a private discussion on one of our res'es. :)
  2. I totally forgot to add: or you can reply here instead of messaging me.:D
  3. Can you describe the party room? What do you do there?
  4. Oh yeah! Its a pretty big room, 60 by 60 by 10. Its got a water slide, a chicken course, find Frank the chicken thing, a chess board floor (thanks to crafty_ginger!) a pinata and music. its great for hide and seek! you can check it out by following the party signs on my res on smp5.
  5. It is okay if I bump this, right?
  6. If you want to preview the party room, follow the dirt blocks. You'll see what I mean.
  7. Please also donate book and quills. We have about nine in total. We need way a lot more.
  8. Ignore the Kittie face this is crafty_ginger and i have to say that if u want to add decorations or personal touches to the party room are welcome but it will cost an extra 300 rupees.