Kat's Sandwhich Shack!

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Will You Be Coming Some Times When Its Open?

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  1. You've might of heard about the Kitten Café closing for business due to low turnout ( not many customers ). But now I am opening a new place for all to enjoy, Kat's Sandwhich Shack! Here you can get all sorts of sandwhichs! We need staff members/waiters to help out! send me a book with a name and why you want to be a waiter. If you are accepted I will PM you either in game or on the forums. If you could plz donate some food for us this is what we need: bread, potatos, cooked mutton, cookies, and milk! Here are the ranks: Owner ( Me/Little_Pixel_Pig + Pixel_Cat23 ), Co-Owner ( LloydInAction ), Manager ( helps with new idea for Kat's Sandwhich shack and can report misbehaiving waiters/customer ), Supervisor ( Watches the shop to make sure customers and lower ranks are behaiving/working ), Waiter ( takes customers orders ), Chef ( makes the sandwhiches for the customers ). Everyone starts off as a waiter, once you've worked there for a while and I think you have improved. I move you up a rank.


    Staff with Ranks:
    LloydInAction-Co Owner