Kanos108's HUGE Waterworld project!

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  1. Hey Guys and Gals, quick intro! ive been playing on Empire now for 2 weeks and im absolutely in love with it so just wanted to say thanks for being who u r and special shout out to Justin and his crew for making an awesome community/ servers etc etc.

    Details: Kanos 108
    Sever: SMP4
    Lot Number: 8231

    Okay! down to buisness!

    I have several creations on going and they will all be joined up creating a mini city.
    I have built so far,
    - several farms (manual // automatic // semi automatic)
    - a shop (currently nearly stocked and will open within the week)
    - Cobble Generator
    - Workshop
    - Vault
    -Livestock Pen

    Whats currently under development:
    - Walkways connecting everything
    - 2 docking terminals for boating access
    - main subway terminal that will connect 3 subway systems that will be underwater (aquarium style!)

    Im currently digging out my lot to make way for a HUGE ocean. - yes i know its depressing as it is a monumental task!.

    My vision?

    Basically my lot is like an Iceberg. What you see on the top is only a small fraction of what it actually is. Underwater there will be several buildings including my house, several viewing platforms, an underwater glass orchard, an intricate subway system connecting everything under the ocean, a submarine! (not functional, meerly for viewing enjoyment) and bridge tunnels etc. The ocean itself will be filled with Octupus and will be layered with clay blocks and sand, it will be uneven and mountainous to recreate an ocean bed ill be designing coral using wool/ diamond blocks etc. I will have glowstones straegically placed to light up the ocean water world so upon viewing from the underground viewing stations you will be able to see alot! I will be creating a mountain with a waterfall ride feature implemented on to it.


    There will be several underground caves and i will place signs underwater and fellow minecrafters will pay 5r to play the game. Basically you will scuba dive down and find these signs and the first person or team to aquire all the words and put them in the correct order to make the sentence wins a cash prize (collected from the money all contestants put it) - i recieve no profit!. A lilly pad racing jumping game will be installed to and also bumper boats! Furthermore you will have access to the minecart subway and boats.

    I want my lot to be an adventure for everyone i want you to be amazed by the underwater world i will create and also interact with my mini city!

    Donations are greatly appreciated and please please please DROP BY and see how the progression is going! without any help at all it will take several months :( but it will be worth it when its done!

    Lots of Love!

  2. Sounds like a cool design, I'll come check it out next time I am on.
  3. Stopped by tonight and saw the progress. Will be amazing once complete!