Kadey Co. [Enchantment Business]

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  1. Hey Guys!

    I Sell Enchanted Books At 18234 or /v +enchant. As I Go On I Will Add More And More Books!

    Prices Are:
    -Unbreaking III -1500r
    -Infinity I -500r
    -Looting III -1500r
    -Silk touch I -500r

    This List Will Be Updated As More Books Become Stocked!

    Thanks! -Kadey41
  2. Hey Kadey, was out in the Nether lately and lost everything :( my whole equipment. I need new stuff, so, I order the armour, sword and pick :)
  3. I could like to order the god armour set plz :D.
  4. Ok I'll work on them right away :)
  5. Hey kadey41, what do you think, how long is it going to take you?
  6. I'm not really sure at the moment but probably a few days it will become less and less time when I get more resources and such
  7. Oh yea kaizimir what pick fortune III or silk touch I
  8. I'd like to order:
    1 "amazing pick" silk touch.
    1 "amazing pick" fortune.
    Thank you.
  9. Can you do picks with only E5/U3? :p
  10. I can do ANY enchantments but ATM they will take a while :/
  11. Can I get a set of p4 unbreak 3 thorns 3? Price?
  12. Sorry can't do any more than 3 orders at a time. Will get onto it after I have done another one.
  13. Can i reserve an amazing pick? Ill buy one later
  14. Guys I have decided to sell these In a Chest shop instead. It will be at /v +enchant or /v 18234 on SMP9.

    Sorry for any inconvenience
  15. Man, not to be rude or something, but why didn't you prepare at least a few sets before posting on the forums? Anyways, I am out in the Nether already again, because I couldn't wait for it a few days. So, I would have cancelled the order today.
  16. Bump! TONS of unbreaking III books in stock at 18234!!! (smp9)
  17. BUMP now selling silk touch I for 500r and price of looting III taken down to 1500r!!!
  18. Bump solo many of these are still in stock!