JZ Is trying to get back into it!

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  1. Hi guys! I haven't been on for a while, but still miraculously have all of my residences still! (Yes at one point I was a diamond supporter, don't ask why I left -_-). I have been on and off the server like three times in the past 6 months, so obviously I have no clue what has happened since about December... Soooo yeah, any social and major life changing update news (I saw the one that happened today) If anybody knows what happened to the better known players from around August 2014 that news would be great too. Just trying to get caught up!
    Thanks Guys -JZH1000
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  2. You might remember me but I for sure remember you! Hope you get back into it
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  3. I remember seeing you around, nice to see you trying to get back into it, hope all is well! :)
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  4. Yeah I remember you ted!
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  5. Ninja'd and the reply screen is white... -_- so any fixes for that? lol
  6. Any fixes for the white reply screen? Yeah, just press refresh and it goes away (does for me at least) :)
  7. I meant to say edit screen lol.
  8. Welcome back! :)
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  9. Hi JZH1000. welcome back. :)
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