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  1. hi JustinGuy can you tell me want type fo api you work on
  2. Sorry I don't know what you mean. If you mean what IDE I develop in, it depends on the language (usually NetBeans for Java).
  3. lol at NetBeans :p xD
  4. I used to use Eclipse, then I tried NetBeans and it was like going from a Honda to a new Lexus lol
  5. Or like going from a volts-wagon to a lambo
  6. Do you make pugin api
  7. i want to get in to coding can you help me get start it
  8. As do I ;) I am going to learn about programming and coding when I grow up :p and when I found out Justin does his own coding I became very interested ^^ wish he could teach me his awesome wisdom :D
  9. Justin has a lot of things to do. Not sure if he is going to drop it all to teach coders lol
  10. as do i! ;) im hoping that there will be more classes in my city, but there are never very many. :( i cant wait until college.
  11. Classes and college are great an all, but most awesome developers / programmers are self taught. I have never taken a single programming class. You just have to set out and search for information and try and try and try. You will learn much more by just doing that you will ever by reading a book :)
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  12. but thats my problem, i am horrible at retaining that kind of information. oh well, maybe ill get better.
  13. But that is the thing, you always have Google and documentation online, you don't have to remember everything. Once you get used to an IDE it will also help you a lot (telling you when you did something wrong and suggesting fixes, etc)
  14. on another note, what do you use to type up stand-alone coding? what little i do is in notepad++, but thats just me, what would you preferably use to make a minecraft mod?
  15. If it was an MC mod, thus Java I would use NetBeans. When I am working in scripting languages though (like PHP or PERL) I tend to not use an IDE but something like Notepad++. The reason is that those scripted languages are so lose in syntax that having a big bulky IDE doesn't really give you much.
  16. makes sense. now what is netbeans? i can look it up, but is it free and what is it? i just want a short description.
  17. lol usually stuff issnt that easy to find.
  18. Muahaha you all wish you could but I'm going to school for it.
  19. I managed a year of a course at University. I think in that time I managed to make java move some squares and change colour.

    "First assignment: Make a small box load, when you click it, it turns red. You have 3 weeks!"
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