JustinGuy Please Read About My Basketball Court

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  1. Dear JustinGuy,
    On my res as you may know, I have a basketball court. My basketball court has been making good bucks and business. I was wondering if you could make it were you type "/basketball" and go there. EMC can change the signs to Empire shop and everything. You can remove any unwanted details to. I think you should do this because I had a goal that was if you could do that for me. I spent almost all of my rupees on this court. I could have build a sky-block for it but i hired someone to destroy my res for me (harry4). Please write back saying your answer.:)

  2. Might want to PM ICC or someone.
  3. You would have to give up your res for this to happen
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  4. How cn you play basketball anyway?
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  5. I know i will have to give up my res but i'm willing to do that for the world of EMC.:)
  6. If you go to my res and read the signs on smp3 you'll know.
  7. I would PM ICC, it's a surefire way to get an answer from an admin. Justin is very busy right now rewriting the platform code, but Jeremy might be able to help you out, just PM him here on the site.
  8. The res looks like a good idea - however i still believe it needs alot of work for it to be worthy of a shortcut.

    Pressureplate showing if you hit the goal.
    More lighting.
    Less Cobble

    Also, i dont really see how it would work, since you cant really get the ball from the other team :D
  9. quite fun the basketball courts are :)
  10. PT i was there with u :p I'm atom
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  11. It's nice, but... I don't really see the purpose of it. We have no specific "ball" on EMC as we are a Vanilla server and won't add blocks to the server. There is only one thing to really. It's not like you can play with a friend as you just sit there and press Q to throw an item in the iron bars. If there is any possibility of this having its own warp some changes have to be made like the design of it. Cobble isn't the most appealing building block. I say go make some money (mining and woodcutting) and try to revamp it. Add more lights, a roof, a scoreboard (Pthagaard is really good with redstone wiring), nicer interior and than if it shows major and significant changes than I suspect Jeremy would have no problem adding a specific warp to your res.
  12. I think i will make a stadium with a score-board...
  13. While we don't make new shortcuts for player creations at this time, I do admire your creation so far and your willingness to help. When you are finished with it completely I have a project I could use it for, you can PM me with details if interested. :)
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  14. Thanks sooo much im always on smp3 so ill PM you next time I'm on but i could use rupees to finish the job...Can You make that happen?
  15. He already did:)