Justin can you implement.....

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by MR2R2M, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. Hi Justin,

    Would you be able to implement the command /home and /sethome ?

    This would be incredibly useful for use in the wilderness for example.

    Im sure many people will benefit from it?

  2. i don't think they want people to TP from anywhere

    not much for a survival if you don't have to survive
  3. many other servers have it, and they also have a waiting time, say like 10 seconds before u can tp, besides which u can only set one home, so its deffinately something to look at implementing
  4. This is correct. We do have some discussions going on between the staff on a feature similar to this without it being just pure reward. I won't say much about it though until we come up with something more precise. :)
  5. Awesome, thankses ;)
  6. If you place a bed in the wilderness you spawn from it once you've slept in it i think. It did it for me. Drove me insane. I'd taken ages getting back to the spawn, too.