Justice Knight (An Episodic Book Series)

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  1. Ever since darkness had cast a shroud of desperation over Dellwyn, people have been killed in the streets by Executioner Squads, soldiers, led by the Countess of Midnight, the Patriarch of Death, Commander Guinevere. The Commander believes that those who are filth will infect her beautiful city that's full of corruption itself. She kills those without power or the will to stop her, and enjoys doing it. There's only one law in Dellwyn: Survive, by any means necessary.

    The official release of Justice Knight is on October 25th, 2014.
    Any questions, comments, or reviews is asked to be placed in the comments section of this chapter.
    All characters, events, and references are purely coincidental and not of other origins.
    Credit for Cover goes to Alphacoders.com
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    You may not use any part of this book without my permission.

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  2. *Episode One released!!! See second post for link!