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  1. What is your longest voting streak "day bonus:xx"? So far I'm at 22 days. Let's hear those streaks. If you don't have one, why not? Voting helps you and the Empire! Free rupees, gotta love it.
  2. wow, not single comment... Is my 24 day bonus streak that awesome? lol
  3. Your day bonus is your streak, it's just weirdly worded :p

    So your streak is 24.
  4. Jack's at..... 42 I think?
  5. Nice, since I'm new I have no way of knowing if my streak was long or pretty short. Thx gents
  6. Perhaps we should /p nick5013.
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  7. Isn't he like 126?
  8. Do /p hiigari or /p zabriel
    Those are some fairly high voting streaks.
  9. Wow! Grats to them, if you get a voting system down then voting becoming pretty easy.
  10. Iamfuturetrunks is first with 254, then Zabriel: 245 followed by Hiigari with 239. Darthin has 213 and EfficiencyV: 154 :D