Just wondering if you could buy supporter membership with a giftcard?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by zZzSleepinGrunt, Apr 18, 2012.

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  1. I have a 10$ target gift card and was wondering if I could use it to buy supporter membership with it? Thanks
  2. Not unless Justin secretly owns Target, but who knows maybe he does ;)
  3. but you can go to walmart/kmart (not sure if target) and buy a $20 gift card/debit card so you may make transactions online.
  4. Lol this thread made me laugh.
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  5. HAHHAHAHHAHAHHHAHHAHHAHHAHAAHHAHHAHH omg u must be kidding just go buy a vista giftcard or a paypal account ahahahhahah omg im sorry

    ps: YOLO
  6. me aswell. lolol
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  7. What is with you people? Are you all ten years old? You're sure acting like it. The question was perfectly valid, and all that you had to say was this:
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  8. Exactly.
    Really? Try not to make others feel stupid in any way.
    PS: What does YOLO have to do with anything? You only live once, so... go buy a vista giftcard?
  9. excuse me sir. my apologies for being 'rude'. I was trying to help him, he asked a "valid" question, and I answered it with what he could do - I didn't realize that I could have SEVERELY hurt someones feelings by answering a question.
  10. No need to be snarky with me. Your post was the one I cited as being the proper response; that's not the part I was complaining about.

    What I was critical of was this immature behavior, of which you were a party:
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  11. That's a cute question :) and it's awesome that you are so keen to be a supporter!
  12. question has been answered. thread being locked because obviously people can not conduct themselves properly.
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