Just to let you guys know.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Mrlegitislegit, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. The SMP3 live map is down. Can a mod/admin fix it please?
  2. Only noobs use the live map anyway.
  3. Well I am EMC's local noob... No, really I kind of need it right now. I'm making a tunnel for my towns people to use to get past a wall I'm going to make.
  4. I will restart the server, thanks
  5. If you keep babying him. He'll never learn.
  6. lol the Live Map is a huge feature of EMC. I always have it on my second monitor when I am playing (locked on to my player of course).
  7. Learn to get lost and never find my way back? Already learned that.
  8. When the wild server comes out they'll all be lost and wandering around for days trying to remember the location of their stuff.
  9. Thats what dyed wool is for.
  10. You have to be a fierce hunter to be able to survive in the wild without the live map.I once had to eat a fellow colonist to survive.Do you have what it takes?
  11. EMC isn't a PVP sever...
  12. It wasn't pvp,he was sleeping.There wasn't much of a struggle.
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  13. I used to do that, but now the darn thing goes "inactive timeout" on me

    ... ;p