Just Thinking of an Idea..

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by LL_TERMINAL43, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Well I just wanted to spread out my thoughts of this idea about the Resident reset you know with that 10 day rules.. Now what i was thinking was some people really do have long vacations possibly 3 weeks. I have when i was young. and It wouldnt be fair they couldnt be on EMC because they have a resident just waiting to be deleted when they dont want to just because they had to attend a Vacation. So i was thinking there we something like You can stop the res reset for a numerous ammount of days or weeks you want and that reqiures you to get kicked out. till the expiration date is until how much you put in. Like your taking your res a day off or a week or so. Just since i thought about people having summer vaction trips also in spring too.

    Since I just said out my idea.. How about i let others comment to see if its a good idea :p
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  3. Oh? I havent noticed i guess. I thought for sure i read every inch of that :eek:
  4. I guess that leaves this thread abadoned..