Just the fax

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  1. Hello everyone! I have been playing MC for about a year. I have also been looking for a server like this since then. I googled MC servers and tried out several. I don't need to search for a cool server any more. I would like to do a one time donation for rupees or something, but i am not willing to commit to a monthly contribution. I don't remember my exact lot number but it is on the north edge of smp5.
  2. welcome, glad you enjoy the server :)

    buying rupees as a one off is coming sometime soon, it's being worked on I believe. As for monthly subscription, you can just subscribe for one month and cancel right away so it doesn't automatically renew, but you will get your full month worth of subscription.
  3. Nice to hear that you like it.

    Just the Fax.

    (The above is meant in a loving way for your information)