Just Started Insanity.

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  1. Hey, I recently just started insanity, it's a workout program, and I was wondering what are some good after-workout formulas, recovery formulas, or anything that has good results.
  2. They make us do insanity at school. Beware the stretches! ;)
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  3. Not working out. That always helps.

    In all seriousness though, i'd advise you take a break every couple of days. I do a 'workout' myself that takes only about 5 minutes to finish but its hard work and has to be because I sit around all day doing nothing. It helps to sleep and take a day off to let your muscles repair themselves :3
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  4. Nah, insanity is a 60 day workout, everyday for like 30 minutes I think. It's intense.
  5. ^Correction^
    You will never feel the pleasure of stretching in the morning. It will remind you of the pain and suffering of the day before. By the end of the 60 days, you will cease to exist.

    Insanity is grueling but worth it. It boosted my running stamina by so much.
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  6. Insanity is what I'd like to call a modern piece of torture instrument.
    It should give you some good results in weight loss and muscle build up, if you're in for stuff like that :)
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  7. Mine is continuous :p As in I do it until I want to move onto something else. I don't have all the right equipment though and some of my replacements for some of the things I have to do are more painful than they should be because I have a hard, wooden floor :p