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  1. just reached well-known member *pats myself on my back* :D thanks for the help guys...
    Well i'm going to go on a EXTERMINATING SPREE :)
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  2. Congratz! I think I am one too, I am been on EMC for like 299 days XD

    EDIT: (Something close to 299 or more:p)
  3. Congratulations! Swing by my res sometime on SMP9 and we can have tea (water bottles)!
  4. Congrats, Cake inbound (i'm giving everyone cake whether its a birthday or new title etc.)
  5. Nobody gave me anything when I reached well known status. I got to 1400 posts today!
  6. Cake inbound then! :D
  7. Oh no.... the Daleks are taking over EMC! Anyway, who is your favorite doctor and companion?
  8. Matt smith is my favorite doctor and rose is my favorite companion... those are my best enemies
  9. Why Dont u change ur signature?
  10. ??
  11. Because nfell2009 was a boss
  12. Still is, he ain't going nowhere
  13. What is your favorite episode of Doctor Who?
  14. I don't think days matter it's how much you post I think
  15. Why do you ahve a virus-thingy in your signature?
  16. Ahh and I am mesmerized by the bananas in your signature lool
  17. Congrats. friend! I did too yesterday.
    As for the AMA, what's your favorite Friday the 13th film of the original nine? Backup question in case you haven't; What's your favorite color?
  18. Lol I feel so loved