Just Our Luck...

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  1. *Warning: Contains (Possibly) Inappropriate Acronyms*
    Kells contacted me to let me know that we had two Momentus's spawned in the wild, so I got on EMC to check it out and sure enough...

    So I took on the first...


    And then moved onto the second...

    He went down fast and easy...and then we get a pleasant surprise:


    However, my fun later came to a halt when Marlix decided to not fight me...


    Anyways, I got some decent loot:

  2. ;3
    Cool story bro, wish I was there :p
  3. P.S. - Biteme, I took your advice of fighting naked...but still had a chestplate on.
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  4. I find the chat log the funniest :p
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  5. Yeah...a bit overreacting here and there
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