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  1. While in wild i did /entc, and for some reason i am being charged with 384 animals when i only have 4 cows and 10 chickens, and nothing on my property in town. Somehow/someway we are being charged for wild animal spawns, This is maxing out are animal list and is deleting my villagers. This is not the 3rd time this is happened. Thinking the only fix my be if the animal is tamed then it should be charged to animal /entc. But wild Cats and other animals are being generalized in to that group somehow.
  2. I believe that /entcount is pretty precise now. You'd have to ask Aikar but the extra entities probably are there, you just can't see them. :)
  3. /entcount isn't specific to a player.
    It is the number of Entities the server has loaded within range of you.

    In town, this count is how many entities you have loaded on the residence your on, and shouldnt be able to exceed 100 per residence.

    In the wild, It shouldnt exceed 150, and is a count of all the animals and mobs that are loaded around you.
    I find that if I do leave my grinder maxed out too long, the server will despawn them.
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  4. I think it need to be looked at. I am being charge with Cats in the jungle to my account it is deleting my villagers. It was 209 when i logged in this morning; this is with 4 cow in a pen 2 sheep and about 10 chickens. now the cats in the jungle, i am being charged from i killed 60, and they are breeding faster then i can kill them... and by the time i made it to where i need to put my villagers, i had 394 charge to me in entc and it would not let me place my villagers. after killing 100 cats now in the jungle i am a 313 and still cant place villagers in golem farm.
  5. lol it is a cat invasion...silent but deadly
  6. Remember: It also counts other entities (Paintings, item frames, etc.) and that if it's on your residence, you can "Eggify" them by using a regular stick.
  7. These entities are not "charged" to you but rather the area around you. You could have 30 players all at the same place and the entcount would be the same as if there was 1 player. This is not a limitation on you but on the server.
    I took a look at your wild base. In your wild base (standing next to your locked chest) I got /entc of 160/250 of which 160 are animals (includes villagers and golems). It does appear that ocelots take up the majority of the 160, that is part of the deal of having a wild base inside a jungle. I am sure I read that ocelots are treated the same as hostile mobs in the spawning/despawning code, if so you can disconnect for a few seconds to despawn all the ocelots. On your reconnection you will have a brief window to use villager eggs.

    Edit:- while typing this out the /entc has gone down to 80/250, maybe if it gets too high just wait a bit.
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