Just Needing Some Help :D

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by tshack235, Dec 8, 2012.

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  2. sending this directly to a mod would have way faster than this. :p
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  3. ChargeBack's arn't allowed as you can see, and if your brother needs help than make a new thread about using the account if that doesn't work then request password reset or contact EMC Support:

    And you'r going to lose everything if you get unbanned so C ya!
  4. Like nfell AND Meghan said, this won't work.

    Numbah unus: Chargebacks are not allowed, stated on the site.
    Numbah duo: Why post it here, bot just PM a mod?
    Numbah tres: There really is none, I just like counting in Latin :D
    Numbah quattor: Read above ^
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  5. Thanks guys, I forgot about sending a contact message.
  6. They are busy. And you asking about 1 password isn't on there important list really. And sending more forms justs gets yours pushed down.
  7. You'll need to PM ICC regarding password information (which is what I can inter from the replies that this was about). He's a busy cow and it's the weekend, so don't expect immediate responses.
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