Just me?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by DaJaKoe, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. Is it just me or did SMP2 go offline? I just had a crash but I cannot seem to reconnect.
  2. smp6 just went of for me
  3. The EMC database is down so he servers aren't working I think
  4. !!!!!!!!!????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT SAYS to join type
     in on our website!!!!!
  5. i hope my res is still there
  6. Annnnnnd theres the registration code. Someone must've tripped on a cord or something.
  7. minecraftopida is down too
  8. Will be fixed soon.
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  9. YAY
  10. It is, this has happened before. Even when I was Dragoborb18 it happened and I was later able to get back on.
  11. Yeah Same on SMp8 I think its the system.
  12. what happened? does EMC own minecraftopida
  13. Yeah, I thought something was weird when I saw "Thisguy123 has left game" and when I tried to buy something I was told "Not Enough Rupees!" Even though I had plenty.
  14. smp1 is down but players are still on and also the disconnect changed. It says (User) left the game
  15. now its on.
  16. but we cant join
  17. I am now getting an error that says i cannot connect to multiple emc servers, even though im not. is it just me?
  18. its back up
  19. smp 1 is back up