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  1. This server is debest
  2. Welcome to EMC :D yes it's the "debest" :p
  3. Welcome to EMC! Im nfell2009 :) Highest posting member of EMC. If you need any help just ask
  4. Welcome to the Empire! :) Make sure you read deguide!

    Highest spamming member*
  5. Welcome to EMC.
    i currently own the largest legit shop transaction in EMC history :)
    yeah i win :)
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  6. The server is not debest. Its DEBEST!.You forgot the caps.
  7. Weeeelcoooomeeee to the Empire!!!! I hope you will have a lot of fun!
  8. No caps plz
  9. no unnecesary letters please.

    And yes, this server is truly debest. :p
  10. Hi, I'm SoulPunisher, but you can just call me Soul. I'm a highest spamming member and have been here for almost a year - so if you need any help from me just ask :)

    I also understand a little bit of Java, so this server is
    ( Debest));

  11. No wrong typing please.
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  12. No correction please.
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  13. my brain hurts from all this correction stuff. so many rules! :eek:
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  14. You forgot to capitalize the M in "my" because it starts the sentence and the same for the S in "so". :p
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  15. i hate capital letters..
  16. iHate :)
  17. Way to impress the new members, everyone! (e_e)

    Seriously, welcome to EMC. Please ask if you have questions. We're happy to answer, or to direct you to the proper section of the Guide :D
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  18. Welcome to the server, I wish you the best of luck :) So what server do you live on?
  19. Welcome to the DEBEST server. I am currently the oldest active member! Be sure you take a look at the Empire Guide!