Just, joined?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Handsome_Jack0, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. So uh, been seeing others post 'k just joined' threads, so here's mine I guess.

    I just joined. Simple as that :)
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  2. Welcome to EMC! Enjoy your stay. The toilets are the left of the corridor at the end, your in room 2, down the corridor on the right
  3. Welcome to the fun my friend!
  4. Has nobody noticed the reference in his name and profile picture yet? Welcome to EMC. Remember to not break any rules and remember to vote too :p
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  5. Well yes, I hadn't even had played the game and it wads obvious to me :)
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  6. Its not JackBiggin again.... is it?

    EDIT: He's 19! Its fine
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  7. lol no, Borderlands 2
  8. Never heard of it.
  9. Rather popular, why, I myself won 3rd best villain of the year in some magazine.
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  10. How have you not heard of it? You are living in a cave. I'm sure of it.
  11. Welcome to EMC :D
  12. Ok, would like to just maybe give an update on my plans here, I'm making a small shop to start with.

    Also, the reason I didn't just edit was so I could tell you guys this,

    Ninjaboy5656 is an awesome player, seriously, he's helped me start all this. Just wanted to spread the word of his greatness.
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  13. Handsome Jack... Your tyranny is not welcome here.

    Anyways welcome Handsome_Jack0! If you see Handsome Jack anywhere make sure to give Sir Hammerlock a call!
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  14. Welcome to the Empire! :cool:
  15. Welcome! Here in the empire the server trolls you!
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  17. Keep trying, you'll get there eventually lol.

    But, anyways I didn't welcome you earlier :p
  18. Welcome :)
    I hope you have lots of fun!
    Hope we can meet sometime (not in the next week because I'm on holiday :))
  19. Welcome to EMC. :)
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  20. As you can see we are all jerks here................ welcome to EMC......... enjoy your stay..........