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  1. Hello Everyone!

    I just joined Empire Minecraft! I hope I can have lots of fun with everyone, and make new friends!
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  2. Welcome to the empire! I hope you enjoy your stay here!
  3. Thank you
  4. Your name made me laugh.
    That is all. goodbye for now.
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  5. Welcome to emc :3
  6. Welcome to the empire! May i ask where are you from?
  7. Welcome to the Empire! Hope you enjoy it.
  8. Welcome to the Empire! Enjoy your stay :D.
  9. Clearly Louisiana
  10. ... why Louisiana?
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  11. He has beavers in his name and from what i know Louisiana is crazy about beavers.(<-Scratch everything i said. I just noticed it was badgers)
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  12. Yeah... i was like.. what? and even beavers, I live (not in louisiana) and see beavers quite often :p.
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  13. welcome!! :D
  14. I'm thinking Wisconsin.
  15. Welcome! I love your name, and happy to be first to meet you on SMP4!
  16. Welcome to the Empire!
    We're all friendly here as I've no doubt you've already found out.
    If you have a few moment come across to SMP2 and say hello.
    And Happy Holidays to you in advance! :)
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  17. Welcome to EMC hope you stay :p
  18. I will be staying :)

    Also im UK! Sorry guys xD
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  19. Welcome to the Empire You'll Love it here (unless your a griefer :p Then Banhammer :p)
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