Just gotta say this.....

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  1. But why to some players always grief?
  2. They lonely forever....
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  3. Same reason (IRL) some people rob banks.
  4. They might need the supplies or they just be trollin'.
  5. Really it is ignorance.

    The opportunity cost for griefing is very high, even if you take cost related to getting kicked/banned/permbanned. People who grief just don't realize that if they spent half the time actually getting/making stuff the normal way it would take half the effort for the same results.

    It takes a lot of energy to travel out to a wilderness outpost, risk getting killed by mobs on the way in and back, falling in one of those death holes that surround the spawn, plus the effort of marketing/selling stolen goods. It just isn't worth it in time and in rupees when you could get/make the same stuff in legit fashion without any of the other headaches.
  6. Possibly because it's seen as such a bad thing in the minecraft community (for good reason), if you want to be a real jerk to everyone, just break stuff.
  7. People are idiots. The end.