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  1. I really like the town apartments idea. It can be hard to trust renters. I also think that we should maintain some of the town shop, mainly on items that are near impossible to get in the wild such as cocoa bean, slimes, ets. Some items are worth having sold even if at very high prices.
  2. I don't really see the point of a town farm unless it sells animals cheaper than /purchase since it would be annoying to get them back to your lot
  3. I very much like the town shop - it sells ICE and other things which we can't mine anymore... and plus it looks nice. I even like the VERY high prices, because it means people only go there when there is really no other way to get something, or they just want it right-freakin-now, and it's worth it to them to pay the price.

    Also, just to plug my own shop quick, I sell slime balls for 39R in SMP2! Also 35R blaze rods and many other good deals! So if you do need a rare item like one of those and don't want to spend 240ish R in the shop for 1, come visit me!

    :p Just sayin!

    EDIT: you are probably right... I will try to advertise in the correct place next time! :D
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  4. I find the empire shop very handy for emergency situations, and especially handy for items such as grass blocks, which are a actually the most reasonably prices items in the store IMO. I don't believe is slows down the server to the extent that copious amounts of animals do. There are players out there who sell animals now, far cheaper then the /purchase command, all you have to do is walk them home :)
    As for the connect/disconnect messages, they are handy from my point of view because when people ask 'where has my res gone' we can scroll up and see their last login. There may be a way to toggle this so it doesn't display to you, the same way can ignore players, ill check with Justin.
    I actually like the fact that people can rent part of their res to others, it just shows the varied way in which people can play in the empire, as long as they are fully aware that any griefing on their land is their basically their own fault and responsibility. :)
    There may be some automatic anti-spamming measures put in place in the future, but it would take alot of advanced coding. At the moment it is not that much of an problem to ask people to stop spamming and using caps, and we appreciate it when the supporters and players assist us with this. :)