Just got back from the Ottawa Comic Con

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  1. I was there all weekend and I think it is fair to say I can die happy. I saw lots of adventure time stuff and a whole lot of Homestuck Trolls. And I also got a sack boy... hat? It goes on yer head like a helmet and you look through his mouth. :p

    So I gotta ask, did anyone else go?
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  2. You asked, so...
  3. Well I don't blame you. It wouldn't have been worth driving from California for ;P
  4. Haha, you're right about that. Although I once went to the a ComicCon in San Francisco.
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  5. ComicCon, E3 and PAX are a lot of fun to go to
  6. I heard E3 was dying o.o
  7. All the big company's still make their biggest announcements there, so I would not say it is dying.
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  8. Yeah, but I heard awhile back it is not as good as it used to be. I wouldn't know cause I have never gone XD
  9. Something you'll learn, sooner or later, is that people will always say "X isn't as good as it used to be." Lots of reasons for this phenomenon; among others nostalgic bias and selective memory.
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  10. its about gaming!!!! how is it badd!!!!
  11. :( I never been into a comic con before! :'(
  12. :O That is terrible! As small as this one was, it was still pretty fun! You should try and get to one if you ever can ^u^

    That sounds freaky o.o
  13. It is also part of the whole hipster thing. Gaming hipsters are more common then most think. The ones who only play indie games anymore, and say all popular games are bad and overrated( well most popular games are overrated, but that isn't the point.)
  14. It depends on the game. I didnt think the Resistance games were that good, but little Big Planet was brilliant at the time. Halo was ok, and at the time it WAS the best shooter, but now its far from what it used to be. Times change.
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  15. Fact of life: Nothing is ever as good as people claim it to be. Also I must disagree with LBP and Halo comments.
  16. You... You didn't like LBP??? You MONSTER!
  17. I said I did. LBP Was brilliant, and lived up to its hype. Halo didn't.