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  1. was just messing around on my plot and thought of some fun events that can be held, why not have skateboarding and minecart pushing things like that, that dont require plugins or anything special just someone to watch over. just thought it would be a neat little idea
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  2. These threads are the outcome of community fights.
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  3. And that.
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  4. It sounds just weird enough to be entertaining.

    Try placing 3-4 minecarts on the same piece of track, hop in one, and have someone bump them...
  5. I have thought of trying to make some game using Boats where you ride around trying to break each other's while also trying to not break your own. There could be hazards in the water, like blocks, Squid and other animals, or Water flows. Bumping into each other would probably cause mutual destruction so you would want to avoid each other. You could also use arrows and axes to try and destroy your opponents Boat.