Just For Fun ... Chain Story Extravaganza!!

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  1. There once was a boy who got a great computer from his mom and dad for his 13th birthday. Unfortunately he didn't know what to do with his new compy, so he searched for days and forun nothing to do. Finally, just as he was going to give up he found.....

    - That is all you get lets see how far we can take this.
  2. the wonders of the internet and he has been reading 9gag ever since. The End.
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  3. That was a short story.
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  4. well thats just sad why did you have to do that really uncool. well i was hoping this was going to be cool so that i could keep doing these but if people like this are going to constantly do this then there is no point. Especially if they are supporters of 9gag, probably the dumbest website in the world who thinks that they are the rulers of the internet and own everything
    -- I don't like 9gagers they are the equivalent of cocaraches they are gross and disgusting and never go away!!
  5. okay okay I'll continue the story. Sorry about making it the shortest story ever.

    Finally, just as he was going to give up he found that 9gag was actually run by evil cockroaches and anyone who read 9gag would devolve into cockroaches. He jumped out of his seat to warn his parents. When he entered his parents' room, he shouted for them. "Mum! Dad! Where are you? I have terrible news! Whoever reads 9gag will turn into cockroaches!" As he looked at the empty room, he noticed an ipad lying overturned at the bedside. As he cautiously approached it, he gingerly flipped over the ipad. Two cockroaches came scurrying out of it. Out of instinct he stepped on them. It was only a split second too late that he realised that he had killed his own parents.

    "What have I done?" He asked himself. He was now like batman. Just that he had no money and no butler. Disheartened and filled with guilt, with no other family left, he decided to become a cockroach too, until he was suddenly interrupted by...
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  6. ZOMBIES! From Miami(LOL hint hint),they smashed through the doors of his house, he pulled out his guitar and began to play rock music...Blasting the house with epic music, the zombies exploded. He then picked up a diamond sword and searched for a dog...
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  7. but is attacked by a Floridian zombie and loses half of his face while escaping from said Floridian zombie. He than proceeds to buy a ...
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  8. biscut! But then the Floridian zombies bite the dog that he found's head off and then...
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  9. Do the book writing contest from Brennian! :D
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  10. And We shall spilt prize money if we win? Anyways back on topic. ...He opens a box of cookies, throws them at the zombies like ninja stars. Unsheathing his diamond sword he decapitates the...
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  11. angry drunken hobo from across the street and steals his Harley. using the Harley he proceeds to the nearest 5 guys to get himself a burger. as he was enjoying his burger, he realized that everybody there was a zombie! he pulled a bazooka out of his pocket and...
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  12. However it was not to be, As people who use Caps lock on every word don't decide how the story shall be.
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  13. So the piggehs ate Nole972. Then end.
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  14. Or so he thought, He ended up in the nether, Nowhere to be found the textures were horrible, and zombies were coming towards him. He worked out minecraft is where he must be.
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  15. oh. posted right before i did.
  16. adventurer appeared. He shot his power 3 bow

    (I edited my post) Delete your second one about posting just before I did.
  17. right into the nearest ghasts face and ran away, only to find...
  18. The portal had died
  19. and he was cornered and no where to go but then
  20. he ran away but all manner of stuff started to chase after him. he thought he got away, bit a ghast came up behind him and killed him. luckily, he respawned in a...