Just Finished my Modern Skyscraper

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  1. Hi! I just finished my Modern Skyscraper on my lot, and I'm inviting everyone to go look at it! It includes many things, including a rollercoaster! Feel free to check out the coaster, which is modeled after a dungeon when it gets underground.

    As for the building, it has two pools, a forgery, a storage room, a bedroom, and will soon have a shop. My current shop (The Small white building to the right of my tower) is closed until I move everything into the new building.

    Come take a look... and here are some pictures! 2011-12-09_19.27.01.png 2011-12-09_19.27.04.png 2011-12-09_19.27.16.png 2011-12-09_19.26.14.png

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