Just curious, any coders here?

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  1. Is there any coder on the emc community? (except from the devs :p ) Write your interests, your skills and whet you're currently learning! Lets start from me,

    I know PHP (+Codeingiter), Python, C#, A bit of Ruby (my goal is to learn ruby on rails)
    I have experience with Atmel AVR
    I freaking hate javascript. SUCKS.js

    Currently i'm learning Memcached :)

    What about you?
  2. HTML, CSS, a tiny bit of PHP, and a tiny bit of Java... I wish I knew more, and I should learn more since I want to make a career out of coding, but I'm too lazy and pre-occupied with family and GCSE Exams in May 2016 I need to start revising for >.>
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  4. I had the same problem in the last class. I had to stop learning what i enjoyed learning so i could focus on school for the final exams. I was going to fail anyway so i decited to join a private college and keep doing what i wanted to do :)
  5. vb.net, asp.net, any flavor sql, css, xml, html, tiny bit of javascript and C#.net, and a slew of others that I've long since forgotten over a 20 year career :)
  6. I know HTML, PHP and some CSS. I also know Java and I could make something basic in C/C++ and Objective-C if you really wanted me to :p
  7. I understand Python enough to edit existing code to get it to do what I want most of the time but I'm not interested in it enough to write any from scratch. Only reason I know it is because of my job.
  8. I know some of the id-tech engines pretty well, and I know my way around the digits a bit. I suppose that counts.
  9. Only BB code :p