Just because it's built in the nether wild doesn't mean you should steal/destroy...

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  1. Before I continue I'd like to list Rules #1 and #2 listed on the Empire Guide.

    To the backstory.

    Basically, created a portal that was linked to an old portal GoldenAge13 set up (I think, I saw him near the portal) and was in the South spawn zone. The one I spawned in was broken, but another was set up less than 100 blocks away. Created a "public" Nether Wart farm; also set up a sign that basically said "Public Nether Wart farm by IRuffles. Please replant! :)". Went AFK, someone came and stole some of my stuff, found out, but let them off with a warning.

    Went back to my grinder, went back after I went to sleep and my game crashed, and found this:

    Seriously? Are you guys that serious about pursuing your own self-interest, you abuse other people's benevolence? This is probably the most annoying thing I've seen in my first week of EMC. This really tops it off.

    EDit: I accidentally an "or" in the title. I'm sorry.
  2. I think you just learned the lesson of DON'T trust people or think that they are nice.
  3. There's some nasty people out there doing nasty things. Be a Mad-Eye Moody. Don't trust anyone unless you actually know them. :)
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  4. I had a base on smp8 with HylianNInja and it got destroyed and still is being devoured by griefers. It is now griefer land. I miss it though. We had to move faaar out now. I suggest that you take a pick and mine far away in the nether with some obsidian but COVER your tracks up and once you have gone like 5k out in the nether make the portal, light it and you will be far out in the wild. I did this with a friend and our place is sooo safe on smp7.
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  5. the problem is people SHOULD be nice.

    Op if i were you id plant it again turn on live map and wait, hide somewhere near it and try to screen cap who ever griefs it. its an instant and perma ban, people dont seem to get that taking something in the wild is still griefing.....
  6. Or just download fraps leave your cam looking at the farm and go afk. And keep rejoining the smp to catch the griefer.
  7. The problem with that is hard drive space i mean your gonna end up with possibly hours and hours of footage lol but i like your thinking.
  8. dont build stuff you like in the wild/nether.

  9. It shouldnt have to come to that, because destroying someone elses things anywhere on an empire server is a permaban you just need the proof, id follow what marc said and build much much further out
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  10. If you were there the whole time they wouldnt grief you.
  11. or, make a griefer trap. My spawner has an entrance with a fake switch, pull the switch and you fall into lava.
  12. Thats against the PVP rule, please dismantle it. I suggest going far away from spawn and avoiding players, signs of players, and such when attempting to build a sufficient farm, grinder, or base.
  13. Griefer traps are allowed but only if you put a sign saying that this area is your spawner etc. They can pull it and make their own decsions it is not like you are lighting them on fire they were going into that area.
  14. its not against the pvp rule. I checked it with a moderator and an administrator.
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  15. I can't grow Nether Warts anywhere else.
  16. What do Nether Warts do anyways?