Just beaten by SillyWhiteMage but all the same..

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  1. I hit 1000 likes today! I thought I'd check EMC during my lecture (as if i was actually paying attention) and to my great surprise I've not only hit 1000 but soared right past it. Just wanted say thanks to everyone who finds what I post somewhat interesting or relevant :p I waffle on a bit sometimes, but I like to think I can string together a well thought out, coherent sentence once in a while.

    Also, Joshposh70 gave me my 1000th like so he can be expecting a little present when I get home from university. 1000 rupees for 1000 likes? Sounds appropriate.

    Cheers guys and gals :)
  2. He gaved only 1 like, so 1 like for 1 rupee?
    LOL :p
    Congrats on your 1000th like!
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  3. Ow btw: I think ISmooch needs to recieve compensation also, he liked almost all your posts :p
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  4. Lols... i hit 55 likes today. :)
    Congratz though haley!
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  5. Gratz. We are the best, so its fitting we are both get our 1000 likes on the same day.
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  6. Yes ,because everyone wants to hump me is why. It had nothing to do with posting funny things.
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  7. ?
    A bit unrespectful?
  8. Though it doesn't even apply to me. Several people who like my posts claim I'm really male.
  9. Congrats. Don't worry, I'll be at 1000 likes soon. Probably after I hit 2000 posts :p
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  10. Touche.. I would try give him rupees.. but he'll just give them back plus some, so pointless.
  11. And now you have 56 :)

    We are the best, it is true.

    Also, nerone.. wut. hahaha.
  12. Remind me to send iSmooch rupees and expect more back.
  13. 56 likes........ no 1 likes me :(
  14. I has 57 now.. i feel special! xD
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  15. still at 113 I think :p Just enough to make me well known good enough for me.. Also did I hear someone use the phrase waffling? Haley I have to say.. best. Phrase. EVER....
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  16. 592 for me I think?
  17. I knew you'd be showing up sometime soon ;)
  18. Piramid system pretty much, huh?
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  19. 765 to go....
  20. 98 to go...
    And while we're on the subject of rubbing it in, I have more posts than all of you who have posted here except for Alex. Not that that means anything...
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