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  1. I'm not great at writing about myself, but I decided I might as well get more involved with the threads, so why not start here? I'll start with a simple FAQ about people
    • Age: 16 and I blow the candles out on May 29th(If any of you care)
    • Sex: Female(You know the one with the.. -kids-)
    • Name: Anna or Ana, depending on what you like using (Yes it shockingly isn't Tori, go figure)
    • Location: A little town in CT, USA
    • I've been playing minecraft 3+ years
    • I've modded on two servers, a pvp/pve world server and a prison server, both no longer are running due to money and merging issues
    • I like reading, even though I'm blind as a bat, I like animals, if you couldn't tell by my MASSIVE horse store, I'm a huge gamer, but I mainly play minecraft, Sims, WoW or LoL.
    • I plan on going to college for architecture which minecraft helps hone my skills in that area
    Thats my simple about me is my favorite way: Bullets!
    You can always find me on SMP1
  2. Hi! There are lots of interesting things going on on the forums, so it's good to see you here :) (I think I just saw you on smp1 too haha.)
    That's the best reason I've heard to play minecraft :D
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  3. Welcome Anna :D Have fun here at EMC!
    My reason to play EMC is business ;)
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  4. Welcome to Emc and hope you enjoy it here.
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  5. Are you going to start your own business later? :p
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  6. Welcome to EMC, hope you enjoy your stay :).
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  7. Welcome to EMC :)
    Also one thing you must know is that whenever you see this guy ^ (ISMOOCH) just yell out SassySmooch :)
  8. Welcome to the empire! I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay.
    If you ever need anything, pop onto smp4, I'll be glad to help.:)
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  9. Thanks all for the warmest welcome on a server.
  10. Welcome to Empire!

    We are always glad to see another awesome player! :D

    You are a Sims fan! Rarely see any people like that around here. Im a huge Sims game player also ( Yay sims :D ).
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  11. You

    you come on EMC mumble
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  12. Who, me?
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  13. Well, you also need to start coming back on mumble but the new member

    Idk, just think she'll like it or idk a great edition to it
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  14. I own a mac therefore mumble is not able to be allowed on my laptop ;) Also I'm so excited for Sims 4. I own all sims, all but two sims 2 and I just started collecting sims 3.
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  15. Welcome to EMC! :D
    We hope you'll enjoy your time here. :)
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  16. Add me on lol EquinoxBoss
    Smp1 FTW!!!!
  17. I has Macbook 2008 and am running Mumble now......
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  18. Welcome to EMC! With all of your horses, I never knew you were new. :D
    That's a good thing.
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  19. I don't know who you are, But I will find you, and introduce myself.
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