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  1. She was hanging by a thread. At the brink of death. Her death was imminent. I came over to her house to, at least, make her have some life left. She, was Abbigail Abernathè, and I was her son, aged 34, Donald Abernathè. 201X, August 3rd, In West Grestin, Alabama, down Gorge road. Time, 4:27 PM, I get buzzed in.
    “Yes mom?” I say. I hear a voice, like static on a television.
    “Bring me, *cough cough* my soup please.” She mutters. I open the can of soup and poured it into a special bowl and heated it up in the microwave. I should tell you about the disease she does have and why I am perfect to deliver anything to her. She contracted a new disease, just right out of the gate, called “Hydroliptiscit” which leads to a pause and go in speech, and loss of brain cells. This disease also attacks the heart. This disease is contagious, but only to those who have hellish souls. Those who have sinned excessively and come close to a person with this disease WILL get it. Only kind people are immune to the disease.
    Bing. Bing. Bing. ”Your food is ready, Donald.”Ash said. Yes, I named my microwave, Ash.
    “Thank you, Ash.” I say as I open the microwave door and collect the food for mom.
    “Here you go mom.” I say with a smile.
    “Stop smiling. This isn’t the time to be happy!” She says. She knew I was naturally kind. It was determination fueling me. Keeping me going. Abb knew she had to be nice. She wouldn’t have contracted this disease.
    Boom. Someone came through the door. It was the Father. Donald, age 51. Time to get mom her 7th sacrament, even though she didn’t want it. She didn’t even want to speak anymore.
    “Is this disease contagious?” The Father said.
    “Yes, but only to hellish souls.” I say.
    “Ah, very good.” The Father says as he steps into the room. I grab mom an “Ice-Pak” for her burning head.
    “May god be with you. And with your spirit in the afterlife.” Don says as he steps out of the house and into his devious car. Mom seemed very calm after that, like she learned something. I decided to sleep in the room mom was sleeping in, just in case if she will pass during sleep. I want to comfort her on ALL fronts.
    That night, I decided to do something i have never done before.
    “Mom, can I ask you something?” I say as I start tearing up.
    “Okay my child.” She said. I begin to ask her the question.
    “Why were you so mean? Why weren’t you nice?” I said preparing for an angry answer. I hear a sigh, then she spoke.
    “Well, I never told you or anyone about this but, I was an abused child. Beaten, tortured, unloved. Until you grew up I looked up to you. Hoping there was chance for me to change. Well I can’t get that now, my days are numbered. I’m dying, and there is no way I can change.” She began to cry, and so did I. We both did in a fashion that can only seduce us into sleep.
    Crrr. The coffee maker was going, a bright and sunny day, 67 degrees, Today was perfect. How was the coffee maker going? I leaped up from the sofa, and was shocked to see mom gone from the bed! I panicked, as I wondered how she had gotten up! One thing I forgot about the disease, it paralyzes the body waist down. So she couldn’t have just gotten up without falling and dying just like that! I walked out of the room and ran to the coffee maker. The television was on as well! No one was by the coffee, so I went to the television, and not a soul in front of it. I hear the flush of a toilet as well. And who was walking out of the bathroom? You guessed it, Abbigail! She was walking, happy as ever. Smiled stamped onto her face, grooving to the music through the speakers on the television. She was happy, I was happy. She changed, her wish was granted. She was kind now. I was happy, and kind. More kind than ever. And everyone was happy.

    This was just a story I wrote on my won free time because why the hell not. I need to needlessly jot down some stuff and then turn it into a story. Thank you for reading, also, criticism, isn't allowed in this thread, so if anyone says that this story sucks that message will be reported to be deleted. Sorry I feel I need to say that. Also try and spot ALL the easter eggs in this story. They are welly hidden, so it may take a while for you to find out. I will post hints daily as a bump :)

    First hint: Rides with Strangers
  2. I was hoping for a more depressing story :c Nice story though :)
  3. Meh, I don't want anyone dying, too much death and undertale for one month ;-;
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    Hint Two: Undertale's Toriel and noitanimreted
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