Just a small idea that could help a lot.

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  1. There are loads and loads of new player to the server everyday and some of them are newbies to the game so i was thinking if you could introduce a way in which the moderators and admins can go back to the old way of EMC in which they can hear people in the wild and nether. Im not sure if this is already in place just thought it was a good idea :))
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  2. This was removed because 60 people typing in chat all at once is very hectic. If you need to contact people from anywhere, the supporter channel is still available. :)
  3. I beleive the wild and nether local chat is logged in square. And staff can access town chat in wild and nether i think.
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  4. There were always loads of new players on the server, but the Wild and Nether chat were removed to help increase the sense of Survival, make it a bit more immersive and also, naturally, make it a bit harder.

    A side-effect of this is that for most people, it actually encourages them to get back to Town sooner unless they're living in the Wild / Nether as the sense of isolation and "Why don't I just play Single Player?" really kicks in I find after a few days of being stuck out there.
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  5. Also prevents raging in chat when your in the wild :D
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  6. That is true.
  7. aha i was just saying it cause it might help the new people to the empire if they dont know how to do a private chat and they are in trouble :) ? what do you think >?
  8. NO THIS IS A STUwell i suppose its not a bad idea:p
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  9. Most of the newbies are constantly bugging me with questions anyway. I'd hate for any admin or mod to have to deal with that every time a new member joins.
    And if they're really confused, just read the Empire Guide. That's my 1st suggestion that is often ignored in favor of begging for advice.
  10. Staff can use Town chat in the Wilderness and Nether :)
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  11. I've always wondered.... Does that mean if I scream "HELP! HELP! THE ENDERMEN ARE CHASING ME!" in Wild chat with no-one around, does it show on a Moderators Square?

    Are they mocking me as I'm beaten to death in that cold, harsh, empty wasteland? My cries unheard, my pleas unanswered?

  12. admin and moderators are there to help :)
  13. good :) was just worrying bout the new players to the empire
  14. Your cries are answered, with laughter... ;)
  15. Lol :)
  16. stupid arsenal supporter