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  1. Hey guys I have been experiencing difficulties with connecting to EMC because of my Internet. We are on a 15 gb deal the biggest you can get in my area. When in was recently in a hotel for a soccer game the next morning. When i used the wi-fi it showed how many mb were being transferred when I used it. After a few hours of minecrafting I went to the website to see that just in that time I had used up 478 mb of internet usage. Judging by how much time I spent at home on EMC that the usage was far greater than 3 hours of minecrafting alone. The internet renews at the start of the month. Well it's 15 days in and the hole Internet has stopped. Im confused on what I should do. Whether I should cut down on my time or quit EMC. The choice I wanna make is obvious but I am using the Internet. Im really not sure. Now to the real point of this post. I will bot be able to play EMC for 2 weeks due to this problem. Well I'm disappointed but u might see me the odd time if I'm lucky.
  2. Maybe flick Jeremy a quick email warning him that you might be absent for more than 10 days. We just bumped our internet from 40GB to 60GB because of my internet use - mainly YouTube. I still have to limit myself sometimes too. If I went full out INTERNETZZZZ we would use our whole limit in a week to two weeks..
  3. But I'm a diamond supporter so
    my res won't reset
  4. Oh yeah.. >.>

    Well, good luck XD
  5. 15GB!!! How can you live! D: I have 100GB and still run out!
  6. I have only 20 :(
  7. I have unlimited :p (I think)
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  8. I also have unlimited. I have actually never heard of people having limits for internet use... Where are you all from!?
  9. We have unlimited woo !! Just a really ass slow speed that is around 640kbps we are upgrading to 18mbps soon :D
  10. In Australia and New Zealand, we get limits on our bandwidth usage.

    I have a 200gb limit atm ... going to upgrade to 500gb and up to 5 times my current speed when the new "super internet" is hooked up in my area =3
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  11. NKJ is it fiber optic? That's some of the best stuff right there.. Sadly, they don't have it in my area D:
  12. I'm actually not sure because I haven't been paying any attention to it.
    All I know is I want it.
  13. well i live n the good ole outback oz so the connection to there is so bad but right now its working because my sister isn't home :) yay
  14. well I'm exited they are putting in a new 4g network in my area in 2017 :)
  15. They are making a 4g network in Holland now :D
  16. im jealous >:l
  17. I've got unlimited! :p Just cant wait 'til we get Infinity! :D
  18. I hate you <3
  19. It's okay, I hear that a lot =P <3
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  20. Internet... the one thing we can't live without. I don't think my isp gives me a limit but I could be wrong. The only problem is that my average DL speed is 500 kbps and UL is only 100 kbps (promised speed was 3 mbps DL and 1 mbps UL)