just a quick funny question?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Plugineer, Mar 17, 2012.

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  1. who here cant deny you like my GIANT eyes?
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  2. I can deny them pretty easily. Also they are rather small compared to animu eyes.
  3. lol but lets say i need some redstone and i stare at your for 3 hours asking for them then could u deny me"puppy eyes"
    /// my "i saw a ghost eyes?"
  4. Who CANT deny this is spam...
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  5. who really cares wat u think??i dont
  6. If anyone would know, I guess it would be you -- no offense, but some of the things you come up with...
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  7. Its also in the rules. :) Read them.
  8. so does it effect you? no. will it help you by complaining? NO so GO and do something wit ur life
  9. Its in the rules. "Do not post pointless forms." Sure, I post a lot, but a good chuck of my threads have a point. Also, most people prefer if you spell correctly. :)
  10. ok im sorry MOTHER would u like tea with that grump your hinus?
  11. I still see you haven't read the rules yet, huh? ALSO, I'm a male, so I would be your father. :)
  12. I don't think that bit about the forms is really in there ;) Also, if you are gonna go all Grammar Police on someone, you should check your own posts very carefully. I found three errors in the post that I'm quoting...
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  13. Not grammar police, basic spelling police. Also, it is said that pointless threads, (Spam) Are not needed.
  14. Again, Pot (mrlegit), meet Kettle (pablo) -- I hope you two are very happy together :p
  15. I hope that was fun for all involved, but now it's time to move on to more useful threads.
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