Just a Little message to you griefers

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by YOU12MAEC, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Hey guys all I have to say is .......................... you. I lost my favorite wild base cause of you. My favorite stuff in town I am just about to quit......... Thanks again.
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  2. I think I might be done with EMC to. **** you griefers.
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  3. Ninja we do need to speak again I decided I do believe you on the incident and please accept my apology.
  4. Apology accepted if you ever want to play again let me know;).
  5. Just come on.
  6. Come where?
  7. Smp8.
  8. Aww don't quit :(

    Then they win. Better to point out that they won't find your new base. Be sure that it's nicely camoflaged from the isometric view on the Live map though....

    Don't give them the satisfaction!
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  9. Like Thorn said, if you quit, they win. I suggest the for your new base, make it further out. 45mins-1 hour out is a good starting place if you still want to be able to go back to town. Also, it decreases the chances of being griefted by the basic griefer, someone who simply goes out and breaks a few blocks, and nothing else.
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  10. I'd like to add that quitting EMC and trying elsewhere would be quite a bad idea seeing as this is probably definitely the least grieved server out there. Just saying...
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  11. i'd also highly highly advise to not make ANY of it exposed... half of the base i saw of yours was completely exposed, screaming that i wanted griefed. =\ i mean, building something huge, for everyone to see when it is just you and a few other peoples place and you want it to be secret, then why built it for the live map to be able to see? and everyone else for that matter if it is so "secret"
  12. that you are completely correct. i have NEVER EVER found another server that is this perfect. (1,000,000,000 Kudo's to Justin and Jeremy) :)

    i stopped looking for others after i found this, this, indeed is the best thing out there... everyone else's always has grief's, and lies, and cheating, and so on. this place seriously is. Empire Minecraft.
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  13. I'm not quitting I was just a little angry:).
  14. I have been on other servers before, and all were full of crazy pvpers and greifers, it was virtually impossible to build anything worthwhile. EMC definitely has the best system in place (no pvp) for hassle-free building. Also as someone else already mentioned, you need to build quite far away from spawn, at least 3000 blocks to be safer; as most griefers are lazy.