Just a heads up.

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  1. The lava spread rate in the Nether seems to have increased a lot. Also, there seems to be single block pockets of lava in the lowest parts of the Nether now.
    Directly from the Minecraft Wiki:
    "In the Nether, lava travels 7 blocks in any direction as water does in the Overworld. It travels at a rate of 1 block every 1.5 seconds, or 0.6 blocks per second, although as of the 1.5 update it flows more quickly in the Nether."
  2. true ...
    but not only in the lowest parts - I've stumbled upon single blocks hidden in the netherrack also at y > 64
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  3. Gah why do they have to make such sudden changes, then not even mention anything about Nether changes on their change list?!