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  1. Hey all, name's Jordan, or Jurdon in MC. I'm fairly new to MC but I've had the good fortune of watching a sibling play on EMC and I just knew I had to come here when I had my own account. I'm 18, I enjoy reading and hanging with friends as well as watching movies whenever I get the chance. I've currently taken up residence in the recommended SMP6, although that's always changeable. It's nice to meet all of you, and I hope to see you in game.
  2. Welcome to EMC! You'll have a great time here!
    Any specific genres that you like to read/watch?
    Hope to see you in-game too :p
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  3. I enjoy science fiction (Michael Crichton books and such) as well as post-apocalyptic books (Extinction Point series and stuff like that.) I'll watch mostly any type of movie with the exception of horror ones, mostly because I'm a fraidy cat. I'm also confident I'll have a good time here!
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  4. Welcome to the Empire! :D Michael Crichton is one of my favorite authors, I really like how believable all the science is.
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  5. Exactly! Which one of his books would you consider your favorite?
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  6. Welcome to the Empire! Hope you won't be leaving anytime soon. :)
    SMP6 is a bit quiet, best for nice peaceful building or exploring.
    SMP1 is really active, and very noisy, the most lively server.
    SMP9 is the weird one, its pretty full, and there are always interesting things happening.
    SMP5 is similar to 9, just not as full, but equally interesting.
    SMP4 is also weird, but in a different way. All the stuff is really cheap, and most people are in the wild rather than town.
    SMP7 is pretty active, but also kind of quiet, best for exploring with friends.

    We have a lot of variety here, and I hope you'll have fun here.
    If you ever want to explore, you can find me on smp4!
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  7. I love to read too such as Glen Cook's The Black Company
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  8. And who would this be?
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  9. My favorite Crichton book is Prey, primarily because it's not only realistic, but currently possible.
    It's so realistic, I used it for a proposal to bioengineer nanomaterials, that actually was deemed reasonable.
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  10. They asked to remain anonymous, although I can't imagine why. I've watched them for at least a year though, so I'm hopeful I can fit in quickly.

    I agree 100%. My favorite is probably Sphere, or maybe the Andromeda Strain, but Prey is at the top of my list. I couldn't put it down.
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  11. SMP6 is a good place for beginners and if you ever need help ask me, bonzd67 or bitemenow15. They will help for sure.
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  12. Hmm, thats a tough one. I also really enjoyed Prey, but Timeline and Next were both also really good.
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  13. Welcome to EMC, hope you enjoy your stay in the servers( smp7 is the best server, hope to see you there :D)
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  14. Hello. I'm a brick. Thought I should mention that.
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  15. Well welcome to Emc hope you enjoy here like rest of us do. :D
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  16. Pretty much sums it up.
  17. And im the only potato here ;) if ya nee anything just pm me
  18. And smp2 is the best.
  19. SMP2 is sort of a random one. Alternately dead quiet and packed with players.
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  20. Welcome to EMC Jurdon hope u have fun with us
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