Jungle Saplings - Harbringers of doom for the woodcutting profession?

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Is the lumberjack profession doomed as everyone starts doing their own Jungle supply?

Doomed, doomed I tell you! I'm off to be a postman instead 5 vote(s) 62.5%
Nah, people want things on demand at their leisure, there will always be a market 3 vote(s) 37.5%
  1. Now that we can create insta-stacks of wood with a mere four Jungle saplings and a single bonemeal, do we think that this spells the end of the wood trade in the long term once people catch on or do we feel that convenience will always win over economical savings?

    I planted four Jungle saplings together in a square, sprinkled them with bonemeal and one towering tree was mine. Cut it down to the ground for two stacks of logs and an extra seven saplings (On top of the four I planted) and it took around two minutes to do.

    What do we think?
  2. I personally think that some people will still want stuff without having to work for it. That's how it has almost always been and I believe that's how it will continue to be. Also, those jungle trees can be a pain to cut down sometimes :p
  3. I'm sure there'll always be some sort of demand, as not everybody "has the time" to harvest wood, in the same way that you get some people who look for shops that sell things like doors and signs.
    I reckon the price'll gradually drop and then hit some new lower price that it'll stay at...

    Also, I believe if you have 3 normal saplings and a jungle sapling in a square, and you bonemeal the jungle one, you get the same effect as 4 jungle saplings... (I've only tried this on SSP, but I presume it works in SMP too)
  4. It does work on SMP and is quite useful
  5. Yeah, i plant them for people then cut them down and give them the resources for 100-300r. Good proffession
    It actually makes the wood business grow because unless your on SMP1-4 maybe 5 everyones a mega noob and wants things quick and easy. SMP6 is a prime example.
  6. Oi! I'm on SMP6 nowadays :p