Jungle sap

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  1. WHI CAN GIVE ME ONE? Id first like to know who has one. Then we'll talk rupees. On saturday whoever offers me the sapling will hopefully put it on a chest with a access sign on it IN MY UTOPIA LOT. I can only play on weekends, so just stick it in the chest that ill mke on friday.

    Now who has a sapling?
  2. It is RESIDENCE /v oidgod-2
  3. I need a jungle sapling
  4. You can always come by Smp1 and snagg one at 1145 if there's any left. They don't last long.
  5. I can sell some to you and deliver them as specified. Check you PM for the price.
  6. ok. Who here want free jungle sap? ;)
    Im on mobile. Will be back soon.
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  7. give it to me on saturday in a chest reserved fpr the winner
  8. I would like to get one. x3
  9. Ok i think im gonna give 1 free jungle sap for first 10 ppl to post here :)
    I'll put access. Hest on my res 4342 smp2 in 4-5 hours (im at college)
  10. I have a few spares, i can also tell you about a jungle on SMP6 for 1000 rupees
  11. I wouldnt mind 1
  12. I want one n
  13. me nnnnmc1 i want one
  14. Im at your lot n
  15. Omg. My post above say 4-5 hours
    Maybe in an hour then. But not likely to be in an hour.
    Im on mobile. G2G my teacher put on epic calculus equation again lol
    Gotta catch it
  16. guys i have almost a stack so i can set up a shop on my smp6 lot
  17. Ok Im going to to set the chest. Java Teacher not coming
    >: D
  18. Ok chest is set :D
    I put in 5 bone meal.
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